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Smoking cigarettes is not always a death cause. But SOMETIMES IT IS. I used to know people who had been smoking since ever and lived many, many years. Even if they didn’t smoke their life, they smoked their health, their money, their youth.

I know that most people now have switched to vaping for healthier reasons, but I still can’t understand what is the pleasure of throwing money on ashes and inhaling smoke. Life is full of beautiful things that can make us overcome stress. Then.. why cigarettes?

5 Historical Smoking Facts – things interesting to know 😉

01. Tobacco was used for the first time more than 2,000 years ago by the South American Cultures. The ones who invented cigarettes were the Brazilians – they were rolling tobacco leaves in paper.

02. The words nicotine and nicotiana come from Jean Nicot‘s last name, the one who brought tobacco leaves at the French Court.

03. Tobacco was a major crop for Spain and American colonies. It was so valuable that they could use it instead of money. Every piece of land, every empty square that could be found was a good place to plant tobacco. In Virgina, even a law was given – the law required people to grow food also, not just tobacco.

04. Well known people like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were against smoking. They both declared that tobacco use should be banned.

05. “Reach for a Lucky instead of a Sweet” was the slogan of 1920’s. Makers of Lucky Strike Cigarettes wanted to get into the minds of women who were watching their weight.

Source: How to quit smoking on Freaking News

Anti Smoking Ad

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7 Responses to “Ashes – Anti-Smoking Advertisments”

  1. These are fascinating pics.
    Well, I suppose everything’s OK in moderation, then again, ciggies are hard to keep in moderation, I gave up 2 years ago because of the kids. They stink, they are bad for you, they give you a cough and wrinkles ( the cigs not the kids…) Blimey, I do miss that evening fag with a glass of wine though, even now. I really enjoyed that. I think I might take it up again and develop a 40 a day habit as an old lady when it won’t matter.

  2. […] the rest of Ashes – Anti-Smoking Advertisments (195 […]

  3. @ Mrs Floweryapron – my 80-year-old grandma smokes one cigarette every day while she drinks her coffee… but just one 😉

  4. It’s weird that tobacco seems to have thousands of effects on health, and every single one of them is bad. Wouldn’t you think that out of such a large number of effects, at least a few would be good for you?

  5. I enjoyed smoking, but I agree with acilius, so many reasons to quit. Mine was I saw my running times decrease by atleast 15% and horrable coughing any morning.

    And the impaired sex power, now come on. Thats a no brainer for me…

    Cool pics though, really artistic.

  6. Wow…im proud..some of the ads are from my country…! And yeah..I still smoke tho’…ocassionally

  7. Happy Ney Year!Wish to read more interesting post here!

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