Fun Activities to a New Level



Do you like playing golf or chess, cycling or canoeing, and you are tired of the traditional ways?


Wild Animals Chess set



Napoleon Theme Chess Set


Native American Theme Chess Set Pieces 


Paul Burgess’s “Singularity Chess

Sources:Kottlers of Cape Town, The Chess House


Golf Car


Golf for beginners


Toilet Golf,


Women’s Bowling 


Locust Bike – folding bike concept

Bike for women


Table Tennis – A few examples of putting a on old games.

Hanging Tennis Table 



Tubular Tennis Table 


Copyright  Laurent Perbos


Bikini Snowboarding;)


Source: Buboarders 


Kayak-canoe hybrid


Source: Hammacher 


Double Table – Golf and Pool (Source: Tee & Cue)


Double Table – Dining and Pool

“Oval Billiard Table” – Gabriel Orozco (Source:Art:21

Playing Cards 

Shakespeare “Insults” Playing Cards (Source:Prospero Art)

Nixon Playing Cards (they were for sale on ebay some time ago) 



Older Posts 

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  1. that kayak/canoe is awesome

  2. Wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

  3. Those ladies on snowboards are awesome!

  4. i epsecially liked the bikes and the peugot 206

  5. How is chess FUN?!?

  6. i like the picture with girls 😉 bikini snowboarding

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