Your Motorcycle is… Errrr… Fancy

“Your motorcycle is… errrr… fancy,” is probably how most people would react to these strange motorcycles. Don’t believe me? Take a look below.

Giant Off-Road Motorcycle

An off-road bike meets tractor with this motorcycle.  Who wouldn’t want it?  You can off road while you mow the grass.

Shoe Motorcycle

This shoe isn’t just about looks, it’s about convenience.  Not only can it take you places, it’s also always there for you when a heel breaks.

Cow Motorcycle

This bike takes cowboy to a whole new level.  Roping doggies was never so easy; this bike is proportionally faster than a horse.  Not just that, but your friends can participate; notice the extra pair of legs by the front wheel of the bike.

Triangle Motorcycle

Looking for something different and unique in your next motorcycle?  How about a motorcycle with triangle wheels?  Why?  Because round wheels are so passé.  Plus, who wants a smooth ride when they’re on a motorcycle?

Big Wheel Motorcycle

This motorcycle is obviously for those who were deprived of a big wheel as a child.

Image source: Fresh PicsDouble Motorcycle

A bike made for people who are too busy to deal with reverse.  Instead, you jump off the bike and jump on the second cycle to go the opposite direction.  Perhaps the best part about this bike is that you’ll never have trouble backing out of a driveway again.

Dodge Tomahawk

It looks like something Neo from the Matrix would ride, but this bike takes superbike to a whole new level.  It has a Dodge Viper V10 engine in it and can go 420 miles per hour.  Even Neo with his super speed abilities couldn’t move this fast.

Star Fighter Motorcycle

You never know when you’ll need to fight space aliens… on the ground.  This is the picture that should accompany the saying, “You can never be over-prepared.”

Trike Motorcycle

Everyone should have this bike.  Seriously, who hasn’t always wanted elephant tusks on their motorcycle?

Beer Barrel Motorcycle

One of the biggest problems in the world is running out of beer.  And everyone knows that beer is the first commodity to disappear in zombie apocalypses; with this motorcycle, you’ll be fully prepared for such an event.

BBQ Motorcycle

This motorcycle takes multi-tasking to the extreme.  Riders can cook a brisket or ribs on their way to their destinations.  You’ll never rush home to get dinner started when you own this ride.

Image source: VampiresWorld’s Longest Motorcycle

You know those times when you just can’t fit anyone else in your car?  Not a problem with the world’s longest motorcycle.  You, your friends, and everyone in your neighborhood can fit on this bike.

Image source: Bac Ba Phi’sHamburger Harley

This bike was created by a very smart man.  When you’re trying to make good travel time, the worst thing to have to do is stop for food.  Not an issue with this motorcycle; it comes equipped with a hamburger, fries, and a shake.  Oh, and it plays the sound of hamburgers frying.  Win and win.

Image source: Buellers Downunder 

Gina Williams is a guest post and article writer bringing to us some truly weird motorcycles.  Gina also writes about those involved in a motorcycle accident. Raising awareness through education in order to avoid preventable serious motorcycle injuries and deaths. Thank you, Gina,  for your wonderful work.


Gina is a guest post and article writer bringing to us some truly weird and amazing stories about the strange world we are living in. She also writes about motorcycle accidents on her private website.

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