Happy Labor Day

The end of summer is here. Everyone is preparing for the harsh days of winter… The little creatures that never stop working seem to be in good shape… How else to celebrate Labor Day if not by working hard?

Careful!! Try not to step on them… 



When did you last look outside your window? 😀 , Via The Other Paper


Gathering the last flower petals…



Oldies, but goldies… Drinking the same beer since 1995!


On their way to fill the Piggy Banks



Funny Ant Pictures

Reading, not eating… I hope!


See what happens when you eat too much? :)) , Via  izimile 


Weird Colorful ants Pictures

You are what you eat, Their story on Hidden Unseen


Taking a shower in the morning dew, Via Dianne Lester


Every day stronger! Ant exercising at sunrise, Via Netglos 


Studying the ants can be a strange hobby, but for Andrey Pavlov is just like watching a small play in a miniature theater full of fairytale scenes. Photographs ARE REAL! ANDREY PAVLOV / CATERS NEWS, Via The Telegraph


This reminds me of the wonderful ant farms:



Real ants, real cardboards, a real motive: a protest against Baygon.


Biscuits!! A little chocolate and they will be perfect for winter! How can you stop working when work offers you such delights?


In just a few weeks it will be enough time for a small soccer game…

Funny Ants Pictures

No. 10 attacks and scores a magnificent goaaaal!!! Gotcha! Via TeluguOne


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