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Traffic jams –  a thing of the past?  Not a dream anymore…

In 1940, Henry Ford, Chairman, Ford Motor Company said: “Mark my word: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile. But it will come…” And now it’s here, as he predicted… the ideal car…not yet for sale, but soon. It’s not a Star Trek gadget, it’s the new Moller Skycar, M400.

The Moller Skycar is the most dreamed “flying car”, a prototype for a personal vertical take-off and landing aircraft of Paul Moller, who has been attempting to develop such vehicles for many years.

The M400, which seems to be still under development, is intended to provide four seats and is known as a  car since it is aimed to become one of the most popular means of transport for anyone who can drive. It is a real wonder as no pilot knowledge is required ( this smart car will have automated flight controls incorporated) – the driver must only input direction and speed.

Older Skycars

The price for the first Moller Skycars is expected to be close to USD $1 million, but it will finally drop to one of a quality car, as it will have incorporated inexpensive Wankel rotary engines.

Photographs provided by Moller International, USA


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25 Responses to “Moller Skycar”

  1. There wonderful inventions, but can you imagine the death and destruction? People are bad enough in normal cars…

  2. I want the UFO version 🙂

  3. Unbelievable that people are still buying Moller’s pipe dream. The M400 (or any of the other flashy “prototypes”) can do no more than hover for a few minutes. It can’t go anywhere. Moller has been taking peoples’ money for 3 decades, while promising a workable version is “just around the corner. It’s not. Until the laws of physics are repealed, Moller’s contraptions will not do what he claims.

  4. but nobody can stop people from hoping 😉


  6. the best i like it

  7. i seems almost togood to be true, but hopfully it can be perfected

  8. Funny thing is, there are MANY inventions that were thought to good to be true. Look at the tazer gun, the cellphone, the Laser, Aeroplanes, I could go on and on.
    The pipe dreams of inventers often become the reality of our lives.
    The common sense of it says that it can be accomplished with the use of computersand navigation systems that we already have in production.
    Will it be in the near future? Well that is a whole other question. I do think we will see something of this nature in my life time.

    I think at the very least it is fuel for thought and if Moller doesn’t do it someone else will.

  9. Moller has been working for a long time and may possibly make it work someday. I lost faith when I lost a big bet in y2k as there where not at least a hundred skycars in the air.

    Some people are working on the major problem, lift, by having a battery back up to provide extra lift for take off and landing, this does not seam to work as well as planned either. the problem of crashing was solved years ago by B.R.C. Ballistic recovery chutes, these things are amazing and unlike a lot of new stuff they work well.

  10. Actually, he has now worked out all the flaws and soon (about 20 years) it will be only about 60k to buy! It’s safety is not in question, it’s just the mpg.

  11. The Skycar can take off and land vertically location does not matter and the chances off crashing upon takeoff are virtually eliminated. Now you may be wondering if I really said that you can lean back and relax, maybe read a book, but it’s no joke. The Skycar would be too dangerous if flight was manual. It is controlled by GPS or Global Positioning System. This way, not only is driving unneeded but anyone can drive without risk. The four-seat Skycar is powered by eight rotary engines that are inside four metal containers, called nacelles, on the side of it. There are two engines in each nacelle so that if one of the engines in one of the nacelle fails, the other engine can keep it going. The engines lift the craft with 720 horsepower, and then thrust the craft forward. The Wankel engine replaces pistons of a conventional engine with a single triangular rotor spinning inside an oval-shaped chamber, which creates compression and expansion as the rotor turns.

  12. I hope that explains just how ready it is. Enjoy a cup of coffee in your very own mini mini private jet on your way to work! 😀

  13. The invention does not make sense .if you want a car to fly attach wings .What Moller should have done instead is make a reasonable size plane that can take off and land vertically just like the miliary V-22 osprey except it will use the nacelle housing instead of a propeller engine.This would at least give the general public the opportunity to become qualified pilots and reduce the need for bigger airpots,and give entrepreneurs the opportunity to build hotel ports for landing and lodging and also increasing employment and making the world of small place.

  14. I love this car it’s really cool

    i have a different idea of a flying car just like it but my car look just like a car

  15. i lost a lot of $$$ on mler stock. great concept, but it will never make it in the real world. besides, moller is in bankruptcy, [ i believe]. however check out the terrafuglia airplane/car. its been tested, flown, and is near to faa approval. its real and cost will be approx 175,000.00 available approx 2012 or sooner. you will need at least a private pilot licence as it doesnt fit the light sport catagory

  16. monsieur moller 1170210

    boujour , avez vous vue des choses extra terrestre dans votre vie , si oui contacter a moi si oui meme petit français .
    salutations distingues .

    dlaroche usf

  17. Somewhere in 1998, I drove up to interview with Moller. He stonewalled me and sent out his chief engineer who passed out several times during the interview. I learned nothing, and he zoned everything I said. They were relying on all eight Wankel engines–none cross shafted or electrically matrixed to cover failure–one engine quits, and down you go three degreeze steeper than a piano. One control in the center for Grandma to use. Bullshit. No helo pilot will change hands to hover. Radio altimeter for auto land. What about ice? No cross wind ability without a roll. Oh–a ballistic parachute for emergencies! What a crock! Don’t worry about burning up an engine at 99% efficiency continuously–Moller is going to snag a NASA ceramic Wankel engine requiring NO lubricant. Wow. Bullshit on Bullshit.

    Years later, I found the enginless hulk at a WIRED show. Same baloney, samd water-walking. A bad scientific idea and a great way to soak the Great Unwashed. Stay away from this shister. Far away. No wonder he was afraid to talk to me. I’m thankful I didn’t waste my life on his scam.


  18. looks great. I know I can’t afford it but the thought that someone invented it feels good.

  19. Keep the Dream Alive man!

  20. I cant wait for these to come out for the public market. I hope when they do, that they are not so expensive, more like 50,000 and then come down from there.

  21. From what I understand, FAA approval would be hard to get for this vehicle. Number one, I think you’d need a regular pilot’s license to use it. Number two, I don’t think it’s equipped to drive on roads. My understanding is that the inventor wanted it to both fly and be driven on streets as well. There can be problems with such a project if an inventor gets stuck on only one configuration and one method of propulsion, instead of being very flexible. Still, wouldn’t you love to have one?

  22. There are 2 points that I would like to say about the Moller Sky Car.

    1: when my mother was a girl, the Hariot Jet was only a drawing in a magazine …. every one thought what a load of rubbish it will never fly or get built – but look at histery, that is going to be the same with the skycar …. it will happen and those that thought it would not fly they will pretend that it would lol.

    2: I am an Australian, dreaming to go to the USA and start my business up there and become an citizen as well …. going to marry a beautiful woman with an adopted child as well 🙂 hoping to call the states home. I would buy even the proter type even when i make enough money up, i do understand that one requires a pilot license at this time …. but I will get one and the skycar – that is how much I have faith in this idea.

  23. Hmmm, I’m wondering, I don’t doubt that it may be able to take off and land vertically, but the wing area does look to small to provide lift for flying straight ahead.

  24. It is ridiculous idea the fact people have believed in it for so long defies logic the mx400 has no visible roadworthiness the aircraft style wheels would break off at the first pothole the breaking ,accelaration performance as a road vehicle would be very limited so what is the purpose of this “craft” it doesnt fly its impractical as a car its taken millions of dollars and years of research that could of been put into more worthy designs another example of a good sales pitch beats a good product

  25. People are always afraid to accept change. I have actually studied the concept and have been developing one of my own. This vehicle has been developed practically, but I still have a real problem with the power system. I am leaning toward an alternative source for power. As far as safety, flying vehicles are coming whether some people like it or not. The sooner the better in my humble opinion. If you have to drive in traffic during rush hour, you know what I mean. Roads are taking over the surface of earth. I hate roads. I wish we could demo all of them and let the natural beauty take over. Thanks for allowing me to comment on this.

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