Murder in the Office

Yawn! Just once. I swear!!! And I am lucky. I could be snoring. The same boring office I see every day. My old computer, my black pen… papers everywhere. I wish something would change…“, she complained all day long.

Funny Pen Holder for Office

Then, from nowhere, the Fairy of the Unfortunate Employees heard her and came. And shared with the poor girl lots of funny office pranks and gadgets thinking all those weird things will make her happy. But as soon as the girl put her eyes on her new pen holder, she left the office and no one could see her from that day on. Some say she got scared and run away 😉 and others that she became a detective to solve the mystery of the Dead Fred. What do you think? 😀

We found the guilty ones! As seen on Amazon – Dead Fred Pen Holder

If you want to talk, you can…

Fred & Friends Talk To The Hand Sticky Notes

The perfect tool for any office napkin writer:

Funny idea notebook

 Great Ideas Napkin Sketchbook


And a small pencil ready to help…

Giant Pencil

As everyone knows any pencil needs a sharpener:

Cat Pencil Sharpener White

The dream of the ECO employee:

Gama-Go Power Plant


TO BE USED WITH TRUST (when the boss is not around 😉 )

Bullsh*t Button


Ever wondered which is the most diabolic gadget to annoy everyone in the office? “Hey, Can You Hear Me??? My name is Eviltron and your coworker has hidden me under your desk!” 😀



No eating in the office!!! 😀

 Lobster Stapler Remover

Looks and smells absolutely TASTY!!

Chocolate Calculator

If you haven’t thought yet about having your own office bug maybe it’s time for a … SOLAR ONE! 😉

Frightened Solar Powered Grasshopper

“Zen is all-inclusive. It never denies, it never says no to anything; it accepts…” even the long, boring days at the office… 😀

Tabletop Zen Garden Kit

And another kind of zen toy… 😀

Desktop Moon Landing

A huge mug for a big mouth…  :))

Big Mouth Toys Toilet Mug

Stylish, incredibly red, desired by all fashion addicts… scotch tape dispensers shaped like high-heel shoes. 😀

Red Shoe Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser

“Please, please, stoooooooooop!!! No more paper clips… have mercy!”

Desktop Madness Series Paper Clip Magnet Stand with Paper Weight

All in one = The Toilet Man!

The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder

Or maybe one hand is enough…

Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back

Just because some do it with style! Like a boss…

Executive Desk Gong

Some others are satisfied with the remote control only!

Control A Boss – Remote Control

And when the remote doesn’t work with your boss, what can you do?!?!

Instant Excuse Ball

Prank tiiiiiiime!!!

Fake Keyboard Buttons

Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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