READY for THE Concert?

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Ceaikovski and many many others: great names, great music, twisted minds moving fingers faster and faster on simple keyboards of simple boxes, but wonderfully accorded.

Piano concerts making tours around our small planet for eternity. Concert goers leave wanting to find a piano teacher at or someone local.

Salvador Dali piano

Piano? A magical box from which lovely songs like Le Vent, Le Cri (Ennio Morricone), Love Story (Richard Clayderman) arise for more than 400 years and others – just waiting to be born. The history credited the modern piano to someone called Bartolomeo Cristofori of Padua, Italy, an employee of Ferdinando de’ Medici as Keeper of the Instruments. This means… hundreds and hundreds of years ago, in a world of fairy tales.

The story of piano music begins a long time ago, with refined elegance…

Old piano

and continues, in some strange way, underwater… but it not ends in a tree!! :))

Weird Piano under the water

Underwater Concert, Via Well-Tempered Forum

Weird Piano Concerto, Copyright © Cristina Rusu on Flickr

Weird piano in flames

Japanese jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita, Via YeinJee’s Asian Blog

Piano surfing, Via The Collaborative Piano Blog, Copyright © Freemoore on Flickr

The Piano Tree, Copyright © SessaT

And I must admit that I got this idea from Lady Gaga and her magically and strangely shaped pianos. Even if sometimes she freaks me out and even if I think her talent is somewhat put back by the show, it’s still worth to remind her piano extravaganza. 🙂

Photo by Kevin Winter/AMA2009/Getty Images for DCP

Bizarre Snowy Piano

weird gaga piano

Some weird pianos…

Lady Gaga inspired Hydra piano, Via Yanko Design, Designer: Apostol Tnokovski

Seiler Suspension Grand Piano – Industrial design, bridge-like appearance, Kitzingen, Germany, 2002

Kawai Transparent Piano – A crystal piano unveiled in 1971

Schimmel Grand Piano-Pegasus by Luigi Colani, a masterpiece

Hummer Piano made by Baldwin Piano Co, Via Humvee, Copyright © Franco Skilan

Bosendorfer Audi Design, a luxurious piano for Audi Forum, Ingolstadt, Germany

Yamaha’s ‘The Key Between You’

Grand piano named M. Liminal, Designed by NYT Line and made by Fazioli

A real piano without black keys called Shinhakken, Via Jordan Rudess Forum

Copyright © Ed Pas

African thumb piano made from a gourd and a slice of oak, Copyright © Edie Layland

And a final step for “what it used to be a piano; maybe never was or never will be…”

Weird piano dude, Copyright © gblakeman on Flickr

Concerto Table, Dining table come from Lovegrove and Repucci, Via Niriti

The king of video instruments, Baby Grand MasterSource: Baby Grand Master

Piano converted into a weird workstation, Via Funny Daily Dose

The “Speaking Piano” – programmed to recite The Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court World Venice Forum 2009, Artist/composer Peter Ablinger, Via Technabob

Looks like a small, cute piano, but in fact is a cd-player, Spotted in Harajuku, Copyright © Tokyo Mango

Nature’s music is never over; her silences are pauses, not conclusions.” Mary Webb. A concert of wonders. A beautiful day to all the weirdos out there. 😉

Piano fountain, Copyright © LA Fattina on Flickr

Songs that makes us never lose our hearts…

Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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  1. I remember there is a Michael Ponti recording on a two story tall piano with super long strings but I don’t know which one. Also forgot the name of the piano. Please help! Thank you.

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