Snow Giants – Call for the Snow Plow Trains

Speedy, fearless, but frightening, wandering careless through white flurry. It is almost intimidating to watch these amazingly weird trains, such monsters carving their roads in the snow banks…

snow plows weird winter machinery

Conrail snow plow – Snow Plow Train @ Pittsfield, MA, United States

One of the very cold days of 1996. A snow monster train is passing the former GE transformer plant in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Railroad: Boston & Albany.

Snow Fighting Vehicle

Photographed by John Bazan, Via Photos @ Great Rails

Weird Snow Train

Copyright (c) 1998-2009 Robert S. Waller

WSOR 3802 – Ripon, Wisconsin, United States. If you watch it just for a second, it is similar to a boat on snow waves.

Strange Snow Train

All Rights Reserved – Matt Lastovich

Snow Plow in United States

All Rights Reserved – Set and Centered

LIRR snowplow “Jaws III” at Ronkonkoma, New York. Incredible shark painted train reminding of Jaws movie. But where is the snow?!?!

Jaws III Snow Giant Train

Jaws III Shark Painted Snow Trains

All Rights Reserved – Terry Guy

A Russell snow plow – Roaring down the track while moving away the fallen snow… Rather scary to watch the black machinery making mountains of snow.

Snow Plow Train

Snow Plow Train in England

Wonderful photos of Sharon from A New England Life

Snow Plow Train, Soya Line, Hokkaido, Japan. One of the “mean machine” giants in action:

Japan Snow Train

Old fashioned snow trains

As they used to be in the past. Ancient wooden snow plow, on a small railway in Ontario, Canada – 1927. Old pictures look lovely, right?

Ancient wooden snow plow train and spare coach

All Rights Reserved – J.Norman Lowe, Via Train Web

old snow plow trains copy

More wonderful old trains on Railroad America

Georgetown Loop Railroad Snow Train. An old fashion train, still functioning as an amazing tourist attraction. Opened in 1884 and restored 100 years later the railway was closely connected with the discovery of gold in Georgetown.

You can read more about the railway and the area here. Steam locomotives, great landscapes… What a ride back to history!

Georgetown Loop Railroad Snow Train

Recycling military aircraft to blow snow away – MiG mounted on a train

In the mid-20th century, obsolete MiGs mounted on a train used to clear snow off of train tracks. After they got old and not useful anymore for their primary goal, jet engines went to work without rear fuselage and wings as snow blowers. Often met in Russia, Poland and Germany.

Snow Fighting Vehicles

Picture taken from the brochure “MiG-15 in action, Via – Kartonwork Poland

American Armored Snow Train . Sometimes there is no need for plows…

American Armored Snow Train

Via – Aerei Militari

Snow Giant Train

Rotary Snow Trains

In 1886, closely to the opening of the Georgetown Railway mentioned above, a new kind of snow plows appeared. With much more complicated devices “on board” than the one from Georgetown equipped only with a simple piece of metal pushing the snow away. Rotary snow trains became pretty fast the ideal snow removers by deeply cutting the snow from the tracks and throwing it aside.

Alaska Rotary Train Snow Breaking

Alaska Rotary Train Snow

Rotary Snow Train

Copyright Jim Cunningham, Via North East Rails

Winter Train Rotary Snow Blower

Winter Train Rotary Snow Blower, February 1985, Philip R. Hastings

rotary snow breaking giant trains

Other interesting snow blowers

Snow blower at Stirling 02

By Mike Hutton, Stirling, U.K.

Snow blower at Stirling 01

Train snow blower

By Malin and Espen, Finse, Norway

Battling blizzard with enormous snow blower train

“A six-foot cylindrical brush attached to the front sweeps snow into an even wider metal tube.

Snow is then blasted away — far away — from the rails from the mouth of a chute about eight feet in the air.” Read more…

Snow Train NYC

Fight Blizzard With Gigantic Snow Blower Train

Via – NY Daily News and NYCT Subway Scoop

I miss the snow…

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