Tennis On The Helipad



Although almost 2 years have passed since Andre Agassi and Roger Federer, couldn?t fight the temptation to play a game on the world?s highest tennis court, the helipad of the famous Burj Al Arab hotel from Dubai, people are still spreading the news, sharing pictures and videos on the web. Still amazing after 2 years…

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Roger Federer


Tennis On Helipad 01


Tennis On Helipad 02


Tennis On Helipad 03


Tennis On Helipad 04


Tennis On Helipad 05


Tennis On Helipad 06


Tennis On Helipad 07




Agassi 02


Tennis On Helipad 08


Tennis On Helipad 09


Tennis On Helipad 10


Tennis On Helipad 12


Tennis On Helipad 13


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18 Responses to “Tennis On The Helipad”

  1. szerintem ez ?llati

  2. ????????

  3. Kir?ly! Ezt ?n is kipr?b?ln?m:)

  4. Ez nagyon ?llat ha ezt l?tn? az anyag tan?rom, mert ?ppen a h?ten n?zt?nk filmet hogy hogyan ?p?lt ez a hotel

  5. would you be so kind to share with us? 😀

  6. Alexandra: They are said: this is cool & amazing! 😀

  7. thanks 😉

  8. HOLY COW! I have a fear of heights and that just seems crazy! Wow. So I wonder what happened to the tennis balls that were missed? Most likely sped over the edge, plummeted to earth and made a gaping hole in the beach. Wow! Crazy!

  9. mmm… I don’t think the balls got to the beach… they must be “swimming” somewhere around the hotel 😉

  10. On the photo where Roger is serving, he’s touching the line !!!!!! 2nd Service

  11. I am a helicopter pilot and tennis player. The best of both worlds for me!


  13. Yow! I’m terrified of hights, just looking at those images makes the skincrawl! You definately don’t wanna try and hit a ball that’s going out of bounds!!!

  14. This is Good Mind and most …..

  15. Oh.My.Gosh! I’d love to play on that. alll of these phottos are amazing!

  16. wouldn’t be allowed to happen in England – Health and Safety and all the rule and regulations we have!!!!

  17. Finally we all have a new champion at Wimbledon. I am so delighted. . !

  18. That is awesome…but just looking at those pics..makes me feel a bit wobbly…I hate heights!!

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