The Crazy Chicken Marked

When you hear the word “bingo”, you probably think of a bunch of funny, old people playing a pretty boring game. Right? I can just imagine them. Slowly marking off numbers on the cards while someone is calling out the square…

But considering the facts, this game is not as boring as it seems in the beginning. If you find a better way to play it. πŸ™‚

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The Bingo Shrimp

In some parts of the world, the way of playing bingo has drastically changed. It’s no longer just bingo halls and There are thousands of bingo sites on the net. It developed into a strange, somewhat funny and thrill increasing activity, although rather gross I would say.

So… guess what! Chicken-poop bingo is becoming more and more famous in small towns from United Kingdom or United States, and not only. At fairs and festivals, the traditional cage with numbered balls is replaced by a grid of numbers and the star is nothing else than a chicken taking a silent walk. And pooping. This time the chicken is not crossing the street! But marking lucky numbers with sh*t.

The hen rules proud over the bingo tables.

This version of bingo could win the first place for the most adventurous and crazy ways of playing the “tedious” game. Trying to keep a straight face it’s rather hard. πŸ™‚ Even so, the game has raised some problems, because there are some people who consider unfair to exploit the animals for entertainment purposes.

Famous places for organizing such kind of events are:

  • Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon, Austin Texas
  • Wahoo’s Lounge, San Pedro, Belize – “The World Famous Chicken Drop”

A similar version of the game is cow-chip bingo. More stinky probably!

Anyone available for a clean and cute frog bingo?


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