Theme Party Ideas: Which Theme is Right for You?

Many times, I meet my friends  to cook together in my house, talk and have lots of fun. So, I thought that every time they come, I should throw some themed party. I tried gypsy style, magicians and crazy science. And they were a blast. Now I am looking for something new.

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Believe me, one of the most creative approaches to throwing any type of party is having a themed party. A themed party is perfect for Halloween or a birthday or for other holidays and occasions, even including an anniversary or Christmas party. So it’s good for the whole year. 😉

How to…

Once you decide to throw a themed party, it can be helpful to brainstorm ideas for it. From my own experience, creating a list of possible party themes and running it by family or friends can help you narrow down your choices so you can pick the right theme for you. The type of themed party you choose is in large part related to the occasion, but also it should also be a reflection of who you are, your personality and interests.


All Hallows’ Evening

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If you are a wise acre, a Halloween party that is focused on famous comedians or comedy duos (or trios) might be the ideal themed party idea for you, instead of the traditional pumpkins and scary costumes. Or how about an out of the ordinary cannibal feast?

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Six cannibals have a party, where the food is themselves. That is, they pick one of the six and eat him. Then they pick one of the remaining five, and eat him. If a cannibal needs two hours to eat someone else all by himself, how long does it take for only one cannibal to remain at the party?

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Medieval Times

Lady of Shalott Painting

On the other hand, if your friends and family won’t be disappointed with a themed party that focuses on your interest in Medieval times, you might throw a medieval style party. You can make it complete with a banquet table filled with food and drink that reflects the theme. A costume for a medieval party could include an elaborate mask that party goers of bygone days wore to festivals.

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Two in one: TV show & 60’s

If you and your friends follow a specific television show religiously, then maybe the show would make a great theme. Mad Men is a great example of a television show that was practically made to be converted into a theme party: just use retro decorations, mix classic drinks, and cook food like mom used to make and you’re done!

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Many shops offer an array of different costumes for adults and kids alike. If you cannot locate the type of costume you have in mind locally, try looking online where you can purchase or rent a outfit that is more in line with what you want.

White for the Winter

I found some nice costume ideas, even if we talk about a Halloween, strange wedding parties or just winter themed ones.


Piggies? Did anyone say piggies? 

Angry Birds still rules. Especially if you play it outside. What a great party would be!!

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I hope you enjoyed!!

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