Transparent Butterflies

These butterflies are known as Greta Oto and are members of the clearwing clade. Due to their beautiful transparent wings, they are also called glasswing or espejitos (“little mirrors”).


Transparent Butterfly 03


Transparent Butterfly 04


Transparent Butterfly 02


Transparent Butterfly 01


Transparent Butterfly 05


Transparent Butterfly 06


Transparent Butterfly 07


Transparent Butterfly 11


Transparent Butterfly 11


Transparent Butterfly 15




Transparent Butterfly 16


Transparent Butterfly 17


Transparent Butterfly 10


Transparent Butterfly 08


Transparent Butterfly 09


Kingdom: Animalia
Division: Rhopalocera
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Nymphalidae
Genus: Greta
Species: G. oto
Wingspan: 56-58mm
Forewing length: 27-31mm
Abundance: Common
Larval host plants:
Cestrum lanatum
Cestrum racemosum
Cestrum sp. ?San Luis?
Early stages: Solitary


Photo Courtesy: William A. Haber, Dirk van dar Made, Bill Hails, Dave Hanson, Mark Deering, Martina Koloska



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23 Responses to “Transparent Butterflies”

  1. These are awsome butterfly pictures. They remind me of transparent model airplanes.

  2. What kind of ideas?

  3. hmmm… you are giving me ideas with those airplanes 😉

  4. secret!!! 😀

  5. Secret ideas! How intrguing. Will you tell on your blog?

  6. Hope so… as soon as I find a few free moments 🙂

  7. Have you found your free moments yet?

  8. still looking 😉

  9. Well, when you do, pay me a visit and let me know that you’ve found it.

  10. wow…..i just stumbled upon these photos, great, i never even knew butterflies like that existed

  11. I am in love with your site. I could sit and look through it for hours, my kids love it too

  12. Just Stumbled across this. Very cool!

  13. wow.

    they’re beautiful.

    this sit is fantastic, such interesting pictures of stuff i’d never normally see

  14. What a wonderful collection of glass butterflies (“Greta Oto”). Beautiful!

  15. These transparent butterflies remind me of the Mayflies that are also transparent, and emerge and fly in huge clouds around Lake Michigan. It’s quite a site to behold. Never knew there was something similar in Mexico and the rain forests. Wow.

  16. trans parent wish i could be. 🙂

  17. we saw a transparent butterfly in Ecuador in a surreal mini rainforest that we wandered in2 by chance whilst wandering.. (i need 2 look up the name of the place again because i can’t remember off-hand & we wandered quite a bit at that time!) we tried 2 photograph it, but my crappy (5 mega pixel) digital camera kept freaking out every time we tried 2 capture it & although we pursued it on its flirtatious route from leaf 2 flower 4 some time we couldn’t get a decent piccy of it & my camera’s been fucked ever since… something mythological or technological going on there but not sure wot… it was quite an amazing sight tho!

  18. aw how pretty!!!

  19. liiindO!!! *_*

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  23. wow this was really amazing they are so pretty

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