Victoria’s Secret – The Angels



Victoria’s Secret Angels and their beautiful wings appeared once more on the podium.

She’s beautiful…

Another Sexy Angel

She’s unbelievable…

Angel With Wings

Has the most beautiful wings..

Most Beautiful Angel Wings

She’s powerful…

Sexy Angel
Shinny Angel

More often than not, a promotional model working at a car show is required to wear something sexy to further entice customers.

She’s all love..

Angel Wings

She’s sexy…

Angel kiss
Black Angel

…and naughty…

Naughty Angel
almost magical and unreal… Source: and

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  1. Your site just keeps getting better 😉

  2. keep me posted of updates…these r cool ones…

  3. shi is sexy

  4. No comment….

  5. ………The wings are pretty!!!!!!

  6. that’s more like angel’s wings

  7. nice pics but they look like hoes this is my first time on your website n im liking it just u know couple improvments wont hurt but i love it

  8. I was wanting to know if anyone could purchase any of the angel wings the girls wear for the shows? If so how, where, and how much?

  9. I love these pics can u send me more please thank u

  10. Victoria secret models looks angle while wear bra and lingerie. They seem world sexiest girl as become victoria secret models

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