Magically Weird Christmas Light Bulbs

The most beautiful time of the year is here. Christmas trees are looking forward to their new and wonderful decorations. What would you say about some unique, handmade ornaments? Recycling a few light bulbs, using a little paint, some string and  you could have the cheapest and cutest Christmas ornaments ever.

Tree ornament

Via Newport Beach Independent

Hurry!!! Santa is almost at the door…

Via Crafts by Amanda

Painted Light Bulb Ornament

Copyright © Amy

Recycled Christmas Ornament

Copyright © Amy

Recycled light bulb

Copyright © Penny

Christmas Ornament

Copyright © Jodi Clerke

Via Etsy

If you want to make somet brilliant and interesting ornamenets for your Christmas tree, here you have a few books that could be helpful:

Recycled light bulb tree ornament

How to make it & Copyright © Amanda

Copyright © Art Fire

Reindeer Ornament

Copyright © Dion Watkins

Cute Recycled Christmas Ornament

Recycled Light Bulb Ornament

Via Crafts by Amanda

Santa Claus Recycled Ornament

Copyright © ineed2paint

Recycled Painted Light Bulbs

Copyright © Jenula

Cool  christmas ornaments

Via shelterness

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  1. Thanks so much for including so many of my ornaments 🙂 Can you please give credit and link to the ones that you didn’t link to? They are the first penguin ornament and the angel ornament Thanks!

  2. sure. they are so cute 🙂 i will also try to make them

  3. how funny to come across this website and find the grinch light bulb ornament! the same one that i bought for my husband last year! love the site. carry on.

  4. thank you, Paula 🙂

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