Yo, Bro! Check Out Those Rims!!

If alloy wheels are trendy, Mr. Pacman is also back in fashion! Car fashion! Sparkling diamonds, strange shapes, special spinners, fancy hubcaps – all kinds of accessories to show off your cars… like “jewellery”.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet Alloy Wheel, Russia

Small, but bad… 😉

Some of the most expensive:

WOLFRACE Alloy Wheels

Clear wheels… pretty stylish.

A little ugly:

Just because it’s gorgeous:

Ferrari California with “Edition Race” alloy wheels

And… when the wheels are used with a totally new purpose – computer wheels:

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She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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3 Responses to “Yo, Bro! Check Out Those Rims!!”

  1. The clear wheels in general are quite stylish, but I’d have to say that the one labeled “ghetto car” looks to me like someone whose socks are showing because his trousers don’t fit.

  2. Wow, gotta love those rims. I like the first one if I am not mistaken that’s pac man, right? The floral is a bit off, and looking at the beetle car makes me wanna buy one. Great collection– kudos!

  3. […] was trying to look for something a bit more unique, but not 'ghetto.' Such as.. Something like most of these(click) I just like the black + chrome/machined look. Its hard to be different when everyone is used to […]

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